Research Into Recruiting and Retention in FOSS Projects

I was recently contacted by Andreas Schilling, a PhD student at Bamberg University, regarding his research into recruiting and retention for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects. Andreas and I did a one hour interview, and he was kind enough to post the notes on his blog. Andreas has submitted a paper for the 7th International Conference on Open Source Systems, where he hopes to present his preliminary findings. I hope folks find the interview comments useful.

Thanks to Andreas for interviewing me for his research, and best of luck to him in his research!

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4 Responses to Research Into Recruiting and Retention in FOSS Projects

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  2. Leslie, that link no longer works — do you possibly have those notes somewhere to post or send? Thanks!

  3. From Andreas:

    You can find a list of my publications under this link (I have currently 2 more papers in review and will submit one more at the beginning of next week):

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