Meet the Community DevRoom 2020 Program Committee

Laura and I are at it again, joined this year by new co-chair and long time program committee member, Shirley Bailes. We’re looking forward to seeing folks at FOSDEM 2020, and hope you will join us in the Community DevRoom.

The CFP is open through November 27, 2019, so if you have not yet submitted a talk proposal there’s plenty of time to do so! You can find full details of the CFP on Laura’s blog.

You’ll see some three new folks amongst the program committee members this year, along with some familiar faces. We’re very excited to have even more Europeans on the PC, too!

And without further ado, your 2020 Community DevRoom Program Committee….



Brian Proffitt

Brian Proffitt is a Senior Principal Community Architect for the Red Hat Open Source Program Office, responsible for community content, onboarding, and open source consulting. Brian also serves on the governing board for Project CHAOSS, a metrics-oriented approach to ascertaining community health.


carla_teixeira copy 3.jpg

Carla Sofia Teixeira

As a researcher, Carla is passionate about people: understanding their real needs and helping companies provide products, platforms, that empower their customers to be successful. From developers to decision makers, Carla enjoys facilitating the stage where people share their true needs in order to build products that matter.

Having lived in Portugal, Romania and Greece, she currently lives in Berlin, Germany where she works for Hoopy, a Developer Relations consultancy in the UK. Carla has led successful champion programmes in several countries and industries, from enterprise to cryptocurrency. Having gone from day to day execution to data driven strategy consultancy, she brings a vast amount of experience and represents an international and modern take on the presented issues.

When she is not busy with designing, building, developing or strengthening communities, Carla takes care of her two most loyal furry friends or reads good books (ask her for a recommendation). And for some reason she has decided to learn Dutch.



Jenny Wong

Combining an electronics & art background, Jenny joined the tech world as a PHP developer and now works as a Community Engineer  at Human Made. When she started, she spent her first two weeks organizing a conference. She can often be found evangelizing open source community, event organiser and occasionally, speaker.

Her days are varied: From solving issues with event sites & supporting organisers, to passionately cheering people on to contribute back to their communities. She loves cooking up elaborate ideas to help improve participation experiences in open source projects.

When away from the laptop, she’s usually binge watching Formula 1 & anime, doing house renovations or making a mess whilst cooking. You can find her on your messaging service of choice, making plenty of typos.


Lorna Mitchell

Lorna is based in Yorkshire, UK; she is a Developer Advocate with Nexmo as well as a published author and experienced conference speaker. Lorna is passionate about open source technologies and sharing knowledge, code and experiences with developers everywhere. In her spare time, Lorna blogs at



Raymond Paik

Ray is a Community Manager at GitLab where he is helping to grow the community of contributors. Prior to GitLab, Ray was responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) community since its launch in 2014. He has over 15 years of experience in the high-tech industry in roles ranging from software engineer, product manager, program manager, account manager, and team lead at companies such as EDS, Intel, Linux Foundation, and Medallia. Ray lives in Sunnyvale, CA, USA with his wife and daughter and all three are loyal season ticket holders of the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team.


Sharan Foga

Sharan Foga is a returning program committee member and works at Sandvik CODE in Stockholm as an Agile Delivery Manager. She has been involved with the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) since 2008 and has presented at several conferences about “The Apache Way” of engaging and empowering communities. Sharan enjoys working on open source community management and is VP Apache Community Development.

Many thanks to our returning program committee members, Brian Proffitt, Jenny Wong, and Sharan Foga!

If you’d like to learn more about how we organize the Community DevRoom, select talks, etc., check out this write up from Laura on the Red Hat Community Blog.

Now go submit a talk!

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