Berlin Buzzwords Conference Actively Recruiting Female Speakers

The fine folks organizing the Berlin Buzzwords Conference have opened their call for submissions, and they’ve reached out to me to ask for help in recruiting female speakers for the event. I gave a keynote address at the conference in 2012, and I’m honored to help them attract a more diverse speaker talent pool and serve on their program committee this year.

If you’re a woman technologist with interest in any of the following areas, I’d love to read a submission from you for Buzzwords 2013. From the conference call for papers:

The event will comprise presentations on scalable data processing. We invite you to submit talks on the topics:

  • IR / Search – Lucene, Solr, katta, ElasticSearch or comparable solutions
  • NoSQL – like CouchDB, MongoDB, Jackrabbit, HBase and other
  • Large Data Processing – MapReduce, Storm, Hadoop, Cascading or Pig and relatives

Related topics not explicitly listed above are more than welcome. We are looking for presentations on the implementation of the systems themselves, technical talks, real world applications and case studies. Please don’t hessitate to submit talks even if your solution is not open-source, general purpose or exotic, we are looking for interesting technical presentations from engineers for engineers.

If you’re looking for help preparing your abstract, learning more about the conference or are looking for advice on making your speaking engagements more effective, feel free to reach out to me. A number of other resources exist to address these same topics, including the Speak Up! project, which offers mentorship for speakers in an effort to “empower… and educat[e]… speakers of all genders, races or experience levels, connecting them with mentors and other resources needed to help them through what can be a difficult, daunting and discouraging experience.”

I’ll cover other, similar resources in a later post.

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  1. Another great resource just floated through my Tweet stream via @DevChix @NCWIT

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