Going Forth and Doing Good with Sahana

I have recently accepted an appointment to the Board of the Sahana Software Foundation (SSF), a humanitarian free and open source software project. The SSF is dedicated to the mission of saving lives by providing information management solutions that enable organizations and communities to better prepare for and respond to disasters. My contributions thus far have largely involved helping to create and relaunch the Sahana website and to provide guidance on marketing and developer outreach.

Sahana Foundation Logo

I’m honored by the opportunity to work with this community in their work to create excellent software to help those most in need. Current deployments of Sahana include relief efforts for the 2011 Sendai (Japan) Earthquake and Tsunami, as well as the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the City of New York’s Office of Emergency Management. You can take a look at historical deployments of Sahana in response to various global disasters on the Sahana Deployments page.

As with every open source project, there are not enough hands to do all of the good work that needs doing for Sahana. The community is actively seeking developers and folks to do translation work, and we’re working on spinning up more contribution opportunities for those who don’t live code. If you are interested in helping, and I certainly hope you are, you can find more information in the project FAQ.

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